Exploring London with kids during the February half-term can be an exciting adventure, brimming with a variety of family-friendly activities. From historical landmarks to interactive museums, the city offers something for every age group. Here are some of the best things to do in London during your stay with us.

The British Museum

The British Museum gallery

Embark on a family adventure by visiting the world-renowned British Museum. The museum boasts an extensive collection of artefacts and exhibits from around the globe, providing an engaging and educational experience for children. The Egyptian mummies and the Rosetta Stone are noteworthy attractions that ignite the imagination of young visitors. The Montague on the Gardens, conveniently located next to the British Museum, offers a perfect setting for a pre- or post-museum Afternoon Tea

Children's pastry chef experience


For those seeking an interactive adventure, The Rubens at the Palace offers an exciting children's pastry chef experience for guests staying with them. This immersive journey entails dressing up in a full chef uniform and venturing into our acclaimed kitchen to witness our talented chefs in action. It promises to be an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind experience that your child will cherish.

Tate Modern 

If your family enjoys the arts, consider a visit to the Tate Modern. This contemporary art museum boasts intriguing installations and exhibits that can ignite creativity in young minds. Additionally, the Tate Modern hosts a range of free workshops throughout the museum and interactive displays in the Turbine Hall, ensuring a memorable experience for both children and adults alike.

West End theatres 

© Matilda The Musical

Conclude your London adventure with a visit to the West End for a family-friendly theatre production. Many theatres offer special performances during half term, ensuring that both adults and kids can enjoy a magical theatrical experience together. Before your show join us at The Montague on the Gardens, The Rubens at the Palace, or The Chesterfield Mayfair for a spot of family-friendly Afternoon Tea.

London offers a plethora of activities for families during the February half term. Whether exploring museums or attending captivating theatre shows, the city provides a perfect blend of education and entertainment for kids of all ages.