Spring is just around the corner here in London, and as the winter chill begins to lift, the city awakens with a zest for life that translates into an exciting array of events, exhibitions, and activities. To make your stay at one of our London hotels as fruitful as possible, we have collated our selection of the best things to do and see this month. Whether embarking on a royal tour or immersing yourself in the excitement of one of London’s best musicals, enjoy all that London has to offer this March.  

Things to do

Kew Orchid Festival, Kew Gardens

Ends 5th of March

Running until the 5th of March, escape into a botanical haven at Kew Gardens’ Orchid Festival. Inspired by the magnificent biodiversity of Cameroon, this year’s Orchid Festival is not only an explosive myriad of colour and foliage, but the first of Kew’s festivals to celebrate the biodiversity of an African Nation. It is housed in the iconic Princess of Wales Conservatory, which boasts an astonishing ten climate zones under one roof. Alongside displays of horticultural wonder, the festival will see towering sculptures with sky-scraping giraffes, troops of gorillas, and a pride of roaring lions all all on display.

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Royal Coronation Walking Tour

19th of March

With King Charles III’s coronation quickly approaching, any visit to London would be incomplete without a dash of royal excitement. For guests in London on the 19th of March, the Royal Coronation Walking Tour is the perfect dose. This gentle walk will weave across the heart of London and spotlight key attractions associated with the royal family and the coronation event. As you navigate the city, your guide, Dr Stephen King, will unveil a wealth of tales from Britain’s past coronations – from the accession of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s father to quirkier tales like Beefeaters with pistols or Bishops hiding sandwiches under their hats.

Suitable for all ages, this is an event perfect for the entire family, and easily accessible for guests staying at The Rubens at The Palace or Hotel 41 thanks to our hotels' location next to Buckingham Palace.

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The Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race

26th March

First raced in 1829, the Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race is an iconic day in the British calendar. With centuries of rivalry already at the fore, the UK’s two leading academic institutions will meet on the water once more to partake in one of the world’s oldest and most famous amateur sporting events. It is a day of anticipation and excellence, and the 4.25-mile course along the Thames means that it is perfectly situated to be enjoyed by those visiting the capital this March.

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Shows to see

Dirty Dancing

This timeless classic continues long into 2023, gifting you the chance to embrace the dazzling display of choreography and dance. Soak up the joyful ambience of this much-loved tale whilst singing along to the iconic soundtrack.

SIX The Musical

Discover the tale of Henry VIII’s wives like never before with SIX The Musical. As they take to the mics to narrate their stories, enjoy the intoxicating ambience created by exquisite theatrics and musical remixes.

Exciting new exhibitions

Alice Neel: Hot Off The Griddle, The Barbican

Alice Neel painting

The Barbican

A self-professed ‘collector of souls’, Hot Off The Griddle is set to display the work of the revolutionary artist, Alice Neel, in the largest exhibition of her work to date. Seventy of her most vibrant and inspiring portraits will be showcased alongside archival photography and film to ‘capture the shifting social and political context of the American twentieth century’.

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Donatello: Sculpting the Renaissance, The V&A

Victoria & Albert Museum exhibition

Victoria & Albert Museum

Revel in the mastery of one of the world’s most famed sculptors, Donatello, at this new exhibition: Sculpting the Renaissance. Collating some of his greatest works, guests will be given insight into the complex emotions and character of the fifteenth century artist – renowned as the greatest sculpture of his era and famed for pieces like ‘David’ and ‘Madonna of the Clouds’. The inclusion of his paintings in marble in the exhibition showcases the diversity of his mastery.

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Activities for the entire family

Tour the Harry Potter Studios

A family trip to London would be incomplete without a trip to Harry Potter World. As you peruse the iconic sets of the Great Hall, Forbidden Forest, and Diagon Alley, and uncover the the props and costumes used in the original films, become immersed in the mesmerising magic of the wizarding world. Thanks to this specially curated tour, simply turn up and enjoy!

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Go on a Twilight Tour at the Tower of London

5th of March

For spooky tales of prisoners and residents to extraordinary stories and royal gossip, the Tower of London is the perfect activity. Gruesome events are narrated with animated theatrics, made even more exciting under the eerie hours of nightfall. Led by Yeoman Warders, let your children's imaginations wander as they soak up the history held within the ancient walls of this historic and magnificent landmark.

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Mother's Day in London